Research and Development

Flottec follows a holistic approach to problem solving, requiring optimization of all aspects of the flotation process. The proper application of chemistry and operating practices results in maximum performance through optimum hydrodynamic and metallurgical conditions. 

The development and application of chemical technology over the last 30 years has been characterized by the promise for improved performance and efficiency of the operating mill through great innovations in chemistry. However, many promising programs to develop new reagents or to better apply current products have not been translated to improvement in the plant. It is now recognized that this is a result in part to poor scale up methodologies and a lack of understanding of the true drivers of flotation performance. Over the last 10 years, the improvement in computing power and better sensor technology has allowed us to develop a better understanding of what is happening inside the flotation cell. Flotation Cell Hydrodynamics can now be measured and used to diagnose and better control the operations of flotation cells.

Flottec research in conjunction with McGill University, has developed new technology and improved the knowledge of how reagents can be used along with other flotation control parameters to improve the flotation circuit.

How does Flottec do it?

Our approach begins with the strict adherence to a methodology that incorporates Six Sigma principles for analysing, defining and solving plant problems. We bring the best in experienced people, who combine knowledge of the attributes of mining reagents with newly developed hydrodynamic technology for optimization of a mill. The analysis begins with a thorough understanding of the current hydrodynamic and chemical conditions with an emphasis on frothers. After efficient, well-designed laboratory testing, the majority of the effort focuses on the actual plant. Sound, statistically based testing is completed to understand the true causes and effects that changes in reagents, conditions, and operations have on the hydrodynamics of the cells and the flotation of minerals. When these effects are understood, changes can be incorporated that will have the true effect of improving the long term performance of the mill.

History has shown that every mine is unique and that an individualized metallurgical solution may be what is needed to perform at optimal levels. Without a complete understanding of the total system, and the ability to provide custom formulated products, valid and lasting improvements are rare. As part of your integrated team, Flottec's capabilities will assist you in ... Maximizing the value of flotation chemical technology.

Development of New Frothers through Hydrodynamic Characterization of Frother Chemistry
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The Flottec Story
The history of Flottec
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50 Years of Innovation
50 Years of Innovation by Canadian Mineral Processors
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