Processing Aids

The Flottec 600 and 700 series products provide chemical solutions to many different processing and material handling problems encountered in sulfide and industrial mineral applications.  The products include defoamers, antiscalants, colorants, dispersants, anticaking, dust control and other products. Flottec also provides newly developed solvent extraction diluents and flotation oils for carbon, moly, phosphate and potash flotation.

Product data sheets for Processing Aids

Product Data Sheet for the Flottec 600 Series

• Flottec 600 Antiscalant

• Flottec 600B Antiscalant

• Flottec X600-02 Defoamer

• Flottec X600-03 Defoamer

• Flottec X600-04 Defoamer

• Flottec X600-05 Antiscalant

• Flottec X600-06 Antiscalant

• Flottec X600-07 Dust Control

• Flottec X600-09 Side Release Agent

• Flottec X600-10 Side Release Agent

• Flottec X600-11 Dust Control

• Flottec X600-12 Dust Control

• Flottec X600-13 Dust Control